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Dan is a British/Iranian multi instrumentalist singer songwriter from the city of Oxford. His music is diverse but his main influences are the folk, country, soul, gospel and jazz greats of the 50s, 60s and 70s. He loves Randy Newman, Sam Cooke, Elvis, Nina Simone, John Martyn, Leonard Cohen, Ray Charles, Hank Williams, The Ink Spots; that kind of thing. That being said, he also loves messing around with drum machines, sound effects and keyboards. His debut solo album Leave The West Behind is finished and will be released soon. You can catch him live generally in Oxford or London.



Apologies for the long absence but I'm back on the scene with a new band and many new songs. We're playing at The Isis Farmhouse by the river this Saturday November 24th, with the lovely Deadbeat Apostles. On at 8pm and hope to see you there.


I have a new Instagram account. I can't get too excited about Instagram but when in Rome (replace 'Rome' with '2017'). I guess I'll try to update you with videos of my music, and also my attempts to learn proper blues/jazz piano.


Band is back! I'm looking forward to playing a full band show on Saturday March 18th at The Cellar in Oxford. We'll be welcoming Tim Roberts on electric guitar


Happy new year, friends. Let's make 2017 our best year so far. I'm sending all who read this my very best wishes.


This month I will be playing at the Wheatsheaf on November 25th as part of the Oxford City Festival, backed by Chris Fulton on bass and Jake Maddams on drums. I am looking forward to it massively.


Apparently West Side Story almost didn't happen. Also, thanks to Ags Connolly for recommending me for the Oxford Beer Festival. It was a privilege to play.


This month I played at my friend Tamara's summer festival, All Tamara's Parties at The Perch in Oxford. An American chap who thought I look like Gael Garcia Bernal.


In July, I played my first gig with a band in a long while. Thanks to Jake Maddams and Chris Fulton for making a excellent rhythm section.


Going to play at The Wheatsheaf, Oxford on Friday, April 22nd. I'm going to play on my own with my electric guitar.


Live Dates

24th November 2018 The Isis Farmhouse Oxford Go